Shifa E Ajwa Paste In Rawalpindi

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  • Shifa E Ajwa Paste

    Makki Shifa e Ajwa Paste is a gift truely made from the precious ajwah fruit dates of Madina Manawara.Madni Shifa e Ajwa provides heart problems, anemia, dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and many other conditions and is rich in several vitamins, minerals and fiber.Makki Shifa e Ajwa Paste is the perfect cure made of natural ingredients that stimulates and empowers your body. Ingredients Ajwa Dates, Ajwa Seeds, Saffron, Nigella Sativa and HoneyHealth Benefits of Madni Shifa-E-Ajwa (Paste) Natural energy booster Makki Shifa e Ajwa Paste is a natural energy booster that keeps your body cells proactive naturally by enhancing body power to keep you fit and healthy everyday.
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