Male Enhancement

Male enhancement device or gadget that assert to increase the size and girth


The Handsome Up Pump in Pakistan refers to a type of man or male enhancement device or gadget that assert to increase the size and girth or circumference of the penis. In other words the length of the penis and the width of the penis or dick. This device also use to treat a medical problem that is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). But keep in your mind all the results are on a permanent basis.

It is merchandised as Vacuum Erection Device Gadget (VED) or penis pump. These devices or gadgets work by creating and conceiving a vacuum around the penis. Drawing blood is called phlebotomy and venipuncture into the erectile tissues. And likely resulting in temporary or some rare cases permanent enlargement of the Dick or Penis.

But the productivity and effectiveness of male enhancement devices especially pump in achieving permanent enlargement is universally and globally controversial and debated. Some people may find and feel temporary enlargement or thickness in size or improved erection.

In contrast, in some soo rare cases, people may find and feel permanent enlargement or thickness in size or improved erection using these types of pumps. Still, any changes are typically or normally temporary and may diminish, reduce and decrease once the device or gadget is removed.

If you are considering and anticipate using a penis enhancement or enlargement pump or any other way of male enhancement method. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare specialist or a doctor or urologist who can provide you with accurate information and instructions. And guidance based on the specific circumstances of your Penis. They can discuss every potential risk, every benefit, and alternative options that may be more and more suitable for you than an enlargement pump.

What is Erectile Dysfunction(ED)…???

Erectile dysfunction Disorder and disease (ED) mention the inability to maintain an erection resistant enough for satisfactory sex.  Sexual fantasy, and stimulation. It is an approximately common condition, a problem that can affect men of all ages although it becomes more severe in old age like 50 to 70 years of the male life.

Instruction to use Handsome Up pump:

If you are considering using any male enhancement or enlargement pump, it’s important to understand and follow some instructions or guidelines:

  • Read instructions: Carefully read and understand the instructions and guidelines provided by the maker of the male enhancement or enlargement pump you will use in the future. Different gadgets may have different variations in design and operation, so it’s important to follow the instructions or guidelines specific to your gadget.
  • Preparation: Make sure and certify that your genital mean Penis is clean and dry before using the enhancement and enlargement pump. Some enhancement pumps recommend applying a liquid-based lubricant to the base of the pump or your penis to create a specific seal and enhancement procedure comfort.


  • Create the seal: Place the open end of the pump cylinder over the penis, ensuring the seal is tight against your own body. The cylinder of the pump should enclose the entire penis including the base. Make sure there are no air leaks and no air holes around the seal.
  • Activate the enhancing pump: Depending on the type of pump, you may need to pressure a hand pump, press a button, and activate an electric pump to create and generate a vacuum inside the cylinder. This vacuum pressure draws blood and blood flows into the penis, causing it to fill with blood and definitely result in an erection.


  • Detect the pressure and time:

    It’s important to obey recommended pressure and time guidelines provided with your enhancement gadget. Avoid extra pressure this may cause discomfort or pain. Start with low pressure and gradually increase pressure if needed, while always being aware and conscious of your relief and safety.

  • Release vacuum: Once you fulfill your desired session time and if you experience any discomfort, release vacuum pressure immediately. Most devices will quickly release the pipe and the button to compress the pump and allow air back into the cylinder.
  • Follow recommended usage guidelines: Pay attention to the frequency and duration of pump usage, as excessive or improper use may lead to injury or adverse effects. It’s necessary to follow the instructions provided by the maker and consult with a healthcare specialist if you have any concerns or issues.

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Q: Do penis pumps work…???

A: Yes its works 100% result but keep in mind the results are Permanent.

Q: What does the penis pump do…???

A: it increases your dick size and enhancement

Q: Best penis pump…???

A: so many but Handsome up pump for penis is very great

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