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Drinking lemon juice water on hot food maybe harmful to body

The health benefits of lemon need no separate introduction. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids, which are antioxidants.

It is loaded with several essential nutrients that help boost immunity, skin health, gut health, promotes weight loss, and more. Did you know adding lemon juice to any hot food may hurt our body?

According to a consultant nutritionist, “Vitamin C does not degrade immediately, so if you squeeze the juice just as you eat, you will get the vitamin C. Even in hot water, it is the same. Exposure to oxygen degrades the vitamin content of the fruit, over some time.”

Adding to the consultant, “Vitamin C content in any citrus fruit is very heat sensitive. So, if a citrus fruit element is dropped in steaming hot food, the chemical gets destroyed completely. This will result in the negative effect of vitamin C.”

The consultant added, “Vitamin C also improves the immunity of our body and it helps fight infection. If mixed with hot food, it will help them decrease the ESI levels, which is inflammation in the body. So, lemon should be used at a normal temperature or in cold foods.”


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