What Delay spray in Pakistan?

Delay spray in Pakistan is a product for men’s sexual timing delay. it is for temporary use when you want to do intercourse. The quantity inside is 45 ML and it is used 50 times. A timing spray is just like a perfume that stops the release of libido during intercourse. It increases the sex duration by 30 to 45 minutes. A man can drive long-lasting intercourse. It does not have any side effects if you use it within limits.

Delay Spray in Pakistan online

Delay sprays are available online in Pakistan. You can place an order online to get Cash on the delivery parcel.

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Does delay spray actually work?

Yes, Offcourse Delay Spray is For Timely Use and has 100% results. It stops the libido during intercourse for a long time. Long duration makes couples happier and more pleasant.

Is delay spray safe?

Yes, delay spray is safe in use as it is for external use and doesn’t have side effects. Apply 2 to 3 showers on both sides of the penis excluding the cap of the penis.

delay spray use in Urdu

ہمبستری سے 20 منٹ پہلے نفس کی دونوں سائڈ  پے اچھی طرح سپرے کرے۔ ٹوپی والے حصہ پر نہ لگائے

سپرے استمعال کرنے ک بعد نفس کو واش نہ کرے

which is the best delay spray in Pakistan?

Viga Delay Spray is the best delay spray in Pakistan. It is available in many doses like viga 50000 viga 240000 vigas 35000. It has 100% results. Available at Darazbrands.pk with 7 Days return policy. It is available at cheap rates with Free home delivery in Pakistan. You can order via Whatsapp or phone call 0335-0039950, Order Via Email at Order@darazbrands.pk. Order Via Website Visit below Link Darazbrands.pk


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